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A nice article about my Judith:…
Thank you for the author! 
Many brilliant writings and artworks, worth to dive in the blog. 

I went to the opening of a beautiful exhibition a few days ago. The exhibited artworks were gorgeous, a lot of sacred images full of ancient symbols. A famous writer made a speech about the connection between the principles of the earth and heaven created by the artist. She described three attitudes of artists: some of them are searching, while others are building, and many others are destroying. She refused and degraded those artworks which show demons. They destroy, as she said, they were inspired by the devil and reflect the dark side of the individuum. I've become worried about her point of view as she suggests the audience to refuse artworks showing our demons. I think this attitude (rejecting and denying the dark side) is a way to increase frustration and educate injured souls. 

As in the whole world, in our souls there is a constant battle of the good and the bad. None of them exists without the other, and this constant battle creates the balance. If we deny or ignore the dark side of our soul, we can't overcome and solve our problems.
At this respect I would say, there are artworks for the mere beauty, and others for evolve our soul and open the eyes. 
Manipulation by katiousa15

While creating an artwork our subconcious mind is working full steam ahead and reveals hidden places (problems) in our soul. Art is a kind of experience. Experiences are the meaning of life. The more you experience, the more decisions you have to take and vicaversa, and the benefit of this process is the evolving ability to choose.

You can't escape from problems, so you shouldn't ignore the dark side, you have to recognize it. My favourite writer (Gábor Czakó) told once, that you had to learn how to live with your demons.
Nothing to give any more by katiousa15  Bloody cold silence....... by katiousa15  Leftover by katiousa15

We need Katerina's art, because there is a huge experience behind her artworks. She reveals her demons and takes us to a trip into the darkest corners of our souls. There is something ancestral and instinctive in her paintings. These splodges and tangled lines are taking shapes in the most expressing and sincere figures with grievous eyes. Her art is powerful and deep. There are paintings we hang on the wall to live with, and there are others, we admire because we learn a lot of them. Katerina's works are shocking experiences in our souls and inner fights. Very bold, respectable and ingenuous art. Visit her gallery here:

Inner deformities by katiousa15
As my gallery shows, I'm obsessed with portraiture, so I've decided to dedicate a serie of journals to talented dA artists, who created strong and lasting artworks. Portraits are the shortest way to tell stories with constantly staring eyes. Each time you look at the eyes, another story finds. 

Mesmerizing eyes by Derek Jones


From the first moment I've felt mesmerized by these ethereal woman portraits, because they have soul. 

show is hung by derekjones

Derek Jones's genius is in the special atmosphere created by the harmony of soft colors, lights and textures which emphasize the feminine tenderness and vulnerability. His sincere and prudent figures are full of life by those vivid eyes. 

A wonderful combination of charcoal, watercolour and pastel creates this graceful and delicate ambience of his portraits.

quick acrylic study by derekjones  in thought by derekjones  charcoal etc by derekjones

These woman figures make you fall in love with womanhood, because you observe women by the eyes of an artist who captures the essence and most beautiful features of their soul: delicacy, cuteness, purity, and elegance. 

brown eyes too by derekjones dark side by derekjones  battle by derekjones

Visit his gallery here:

probably finished by derekjones


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